Fly Ash Bricks Composition

Here we provide information about fly ash bricks composition. We describe a process with which material you can manufacture fly ash bricks in less price. The fly ash bricks are made with mainly three different mixing ratios. The price of brick is mainly depending on which fly ash bricks mixing ratio is used.

The cost of fly ash bricks is depending on which composition is used. But whatever fly ash bricks mixing ratio is used and along with that, you have to maintain the quality too.

You can make quality bricks with using best mixing ratio and raw materials as per market requirements. Business is about how to increase profit by using the proper mixing ratio to manufacture fly ash brick at a low cost. Here we explain the 3 very trusted and proven mixing ratios to manufacture fly ash bricks.

  1. Mix Proportion for Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing

  1. Fly Ash – 55 to 60%
  2. Sand or Stone dust – 20 to 25%
  3. Sludge Lime – 15 to 22%
  4. Gypsum – 5%

The material is used to manufacture a fly ash brick is depend on raw material availability and requirement of bricks. It is suggested to use Sludge Lime as it is less expensive than Hydrated Lime. The above mixing ratio is more profitable mixing ratio than below two. The Sludge lime is waste material and costs less than hydrated lime. Sludge lime is usually wet and has lumps and it is used to make quality fly ash bricks.

  1. Mix Proportion for Fly ash brick Manufacturing

Here Hydrated lime is used instead of Sludge lime.

  1. Fly Ash – 57 to 65%
  2. River Sand or Stone dust – 18 to 27%
  3. Hydrated Lime – 9 to 12%
  4. Gypsum – 5%

This mixing ratio is widely used to make quality fly ash bricks. As hydrated lime is easily available this fly ash brick compositions are used by many fly ash brick manufacturers.

  1. Mix Proportion for Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing with cement instead of gypsum and Lime

  1. Fly Ash 50 – 60%
  2. River Sand or Stone Dust – 30 to 40%
  3. Cement – 8 to 12%

In this mixing ratio, the cement is used instead of gypsum and lime. This ratio is not so used because it is costly and not preferred by entrepreneurs. The price of cement is more than gypsum and lime; thus, this mixing is used only when gypsum and lime are not available.

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