The Strength of the Brick Masonry

brick masonry

The strength of the brick masonry is highly dependent on the strength of the bricks used in construction of a structure. Also, the strength of brick is depending on the soil used for making bricks, method, process, and burning of the bricks. As the nature of the soil is different in various regions the average strength of the bricks is also different in various regions.

Also, the permissible compressive stress of brick masonry depends upon several factors like

1. Types of Bricks (1 st Class, 2 nd Class, 3 rd Class)

2. Strength of Bricks

3. Size and Shape of construction

4. Mixing of Mortar

5. Uniformity of Bricks

6. Workmanship

7. Method used for laying bricks

There are various checklists which are applied for increasing strength of brick masonry

1. Visual Check

The brick used for masonry has to be good quality, burnt well with uniform shape, size, and color

2. The metallic sound should be produced by striking two bricks with each other

3. A high-quality brick should not break if it is dropped from one-meter height

4. The good quality brick should not absorb water more than 20% (by its weight) as it submerged in water for 24 hours

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