Tips for Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing

The fly ash bricks manufacturing business is more and more profitable and fastest-growing business in India. The people in India is started using the Fly Ash Bricks to save earth for the future. There is also a reason for the ban of red clay bricks in some of the states.

Here are some tips that need to be considered before starting of fly ash manufacturing process.

  • Land Requirements
  • Factory Location
  • Water Availability
  • Environmental Issues
  • Project Cost
  • Cement Manufacturers
  • Labour Availability
  • Profit
  • Fly Ash Availability
  • Where to purchase a machine?

Land Requirement

To start a fly ash brick manufacturing business required a minimum a half-acre of land. It is suggested that one-acre land is enough for stock and curing the bricks.

Factory Location

Find the location which is near to the 100 km radius of Thermal Power Plant to easily get the fly ash quota from EB.

W ater Availability

The fly ash bricks manufacturing process required lots of water. So it is advisable to establish a factory where the freshwater is easily available.

Environmental Problem

Fly ash required special care while unloading in open space as it is dangerous to the atmosphere. The factory should be not in a residential area as the micro dust particles are harmful to the surrounded people.

Some are using Silos to store fly ash. As it is not necessary for everyone.

Project Cost

The project cost includes plant, machinery and working capital is approximately 30,00,000 Rs. This estimation is based on machinery with the production of 12,000 bricks per shift. (The Diesel power generator is not included).

Cement Manufacturers

The cement manufacturers have installed giant silo’s in thermal power plant to collect the fly ash. They get the majority share of fly ash from thermal power plants. Fly Ash manufacturers have to struggle to get the fly ash.


If you want to run your business successfully you required labour. As the work with fly ash, there is somewhat dusty so it is hard to get suitable labours. You can attract labours with high pay and also give some incentives.


The profit is varying from place to place. But in this business, you will definitely make 1 Rs. per brick as profit.

Your profit is depending on the availability of raw material, labour, power supply.

Fly Ash Availability

If you want to succeed in your business, is dependent on the availability of fly ash from the thermal power plant.

If you planning to start a fly ash manufacturing business do proper research for where and how much you can get fly ash. One source is to bought fly ash from the black market, so it is advised to get your fly ash quota to continue to making fly ash bricks.

Where to get Machine?

In the process of fly ash bricks, machine required regular maintenance and tune-ups. This service is only provided by experts who have long experience in this field. The new machine manufacturers give discounts but the machines are not sustainable.

The rotary type hydraulic machines are recommended for new entrepreneurs as it is cost-effective.

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