Fly Ash Bricks Soon Replace Clay Bricks Industry in Bihar

In the 19th century, the word fly ash bricks does not exist at that time. The mud houses were built mostly everywhere.

As time passed, people started building houses of red brick instead of clay.

This modern era is filled with technology. Today’s improvements in technology are being seen in our cities, neighborhoods, and almost every part of the country.

Such as skyscrapers, roads, vehicles, all these things are made faster by technological improvements.

Infrastructure is the most important aspect in GDP for every country. And along with GDP, it also affects the environment.

As I mentioned earlier, mud houses were built and then came the era of red bricks and is still going on.

But when mud houses were built, at that time the environment was not so polluted.

But since the red brick manufacturing started on a large scale, gradually it polluted the environment.

This does not mean that this is the only reason behind it. There are other reasons as well.

You must be thinking that,

How Will Red Brick Harm the Environment?

So let us tell you that while making clay bricks, nature is harmed in two ways.

First reason is the top layer of the land would have been fertile, by taking it out, we cannot cultivate that land.

This is a very big and serious reason; it has a lot of impact on the environment.

Another reason is that when clay is poured into a mould and shaped into a brick, then it is allowed to dry and heated in a kiln at a high temperature.

Due to this process, the smoke dissolves in the atmosphere, which is harmful for our health and also it affects the ozone layer.

Bihar Switched to Fly Ash Bricks

Nowadays, if someone wants to build with red brick, then he can do it and most places construction is being done with red brick.

But when it comes to Bihar, it is one step ahead. The Bihar government has decided that no construction work will be done with red brick.

This means that the Bihar government has completely banned the red brick.

The best thing is that, if a person wants to start a business related to the manufacturing of fly ash bricks, then he can establish the unit only after giving information to the department.

The government will support you in every way to start this business and free fly ash will be provided by NTPC Kahalgaon on demand.

The construction work done with fly ash bricks is strong as well as economical. Its use greatly reduces the cost.

More than six thousand red brick kilns and 400 fly ash brick units are operating in the state.

The minister said that red brick kilns cause a lot of pollution. For this reason, the Bihar government has directed the closure of the red brick kiln.

All red brick kilns in the state will not be closed simultaneously. The sudden closure of all red brick kilns will cause a lot of trouble to the common people.

Advantage of Fly Ash Bricks

That is why gradually by completely closing the red brick kilns, and the state government will promote the brick kiln of fly ash bricks. It comes under the category of white industry.

The pollution from fly ash bricks is very less. There is no need for any kind of license for this.

Fly Ash Bricks Home

Also, the Fly Ash Brick Making Machine comes with various capacities from 8000 to 30,000 bricks per shift.

In such a situation, the fly ash bricks industry will prove to be very effective in promoting employment.

The minister said that the details of red brick kilns available at all district and block level have been sought after that the required assessment will be taken. On this basis, gradually the red brick kiln will be closed.


Bihar has decided to completely ban red brick manufacturing for its better future.

Going forward, gradually every state can ban the production of red bricks. This will boost the business related to fly ash bricks.

And people will also like to make their house with this non-polluting fly ash brick because it is a very good option in every way.

With such changes, it can be said that our country is moving towards becoming a pollution free country. And it will make our future even better.

Best Business Ideas to Start Business in Construction Industry

India is a developing country and construction is vital part of it so there are lots of construction projects ongoing such as roads, bridges, buildings, schools and colleges, etc.

During the pandemic, the pace of construction slowed down, but if seen annually, more construction has been done according to percentage as compared to every year.

In this technological era, people want to try new ideas or something different and better.

As for construction, nowadays developers as well individuals have started using fly ash bricks, concrete bricks, and paver blocks for construction.

If you want to start your own business or searching for an idea for a business to begin, you can choose from a fly ash bricks, or concrete bricks, or blocks making.

It is a growing and most profitable business especially if you know how to set up or run the business.

Globally, this industry is hugely profitable. So, you can make a lot of profit in this businesses.


The Indian construction industry plays an important role in the economy and contribute around 9% of India’s GDP.

Global Data’s ‘Construction in India – Key Trends and Opportunities to 2023’ report declare that India’s construction industry is presumed to grow at a compounded annual average of 6.44% to US$690.9 billion in 2023.

Also, according to a research by Global construction and Oxford Economics, India will become the world’s 3 rd biggest construction market by 2025, adding 11.5 million homes a year to become a $1 trillion a year market.

This is very encouraging for the entrepreneurs who will start a new journey in the construction industry in India.

In view of, this is the great time to begin your business. First, let’s take a look at Fly Ash Brick Making Business.


The looks of fly ash bricks are very magnetic due to their pleasing color like cement, uniform size, and smooth finish.

It has high robustness, no breakages/wastages during transport and handling.

The heat passes ratio of fly ash bricks is 0.90 – 1.05 W/m2.

They soak up less heat and keeps your building cooler in summer makes it most appropriate for Indian climates.

These bricks are highly durable and less permeable. The lower permeability can efficacious decrease the effect of efflorescence on bricks.

These bricks are highly fire-resistant compared to normal clay bricks.

Fly ash bricks are environmentally friendly as they are made of Fly Ash which is a waste generated by burning of coal in thermal power plants.

These bricks have easy workability, sock up less water and cost is around 30% lower than clay bricks.

Because of its lightweight, these bricks are appropriate for multi-story structures. Fewer weight means fewer stress on the establishment.

If you are searching for a Swadeshi Business Idea, Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing is a great idea. 

Fly ash bricks are distinctive bricks manufactured from industrial wastes such as fly ash, water, quicklime or lime sludge, cement, and gypsum so, t hese types of bricks have gained popularity worldwide over clay bricks.


Area Requirement & Profit 

In our country, 72% of Power plants based upon coal and they generate 40 million tons of fly ash per year.

According to a report of the Village Industries Commission (KVIC), the cost of starting this business is around 20 lakhs.

You require at least around 20,000 to 50,000 square feet of land and 15 to 20 worker and require fly ash brick making machine.

These Fly Ash Brick Making Machines have various models and capacities from 1000 to 10,000 bricks per hour.

The cost of this machine is according to production capacity which starts from 15 Lakhs.

Now take a look at Concrete Brick and Block Making Business.


Making Process of Concrete Blocks


It is a productive way to create a low-maintenance home in a high-moisture location.

It gives a natural level of fire resistance and materials can lower a homeowner’s energy usage.

Homes made from concrete brick and block are practically soundproof.

This material makes a fine home choice for many people.

The walls of a concrete brick and block home can manufacture off-site.

If a natural calamity strikes, then a concrete brick and block home is usually cheaper to rebuild.

A concrete brick and block business is significant to the building industry. This concrete brick and block business plan will be useful to you.

First you need to do a market research. A great business idea will let the entrepreneur see all the aspects about the business.

Today various types of concrete blocks available in the market.

Among them solid concrete blocks, hollow concrete blocks, concrete stretcher blocks, concrete corner blocks, concrete pillar blocks, jamb concrete blocks, partition concrete block, lintel blocks, frogged brick blocks, bullnose concrete block, etc.

The fully automatic concrete brick and block making machines are suitable for the manufacturing of high-strength Concrete Bricks and Blocks.

These automatic machines produce superior quality Concrete Bricks and Blocks, but it requires significant capital investment.

The manually operating machines are also obtainable and can even be install in the project area.

Moreover, the average initial capital needed for covering the costs of equipment, land purchase and employment is around 1 crore or nearby.


Fly ash brick, Concrete blocks, and Pavers can be useful for different location in various construction projects, whether you’re laying down a roadway, pathway, building load-bearing masonry walls, or creating partition walls.

This types of brick, block and paver manufacturing plant has huge potential in existing industrial market.

Comparison of Roads Made of Paver Blocks, R.C.C. & Bitumen

Concrete road paving is quickly reaching higher popularity than Bitumen and R.C.C, and the reasons are so many.

Read on to discover how Paver blocks roads are more popular than the other two.

Today, we are going to compare Paver, RCC, and Bitumen Road, let’s see which one is stronger, durable, and environmentally friendly?


Features of Paver Blocks, R.C.C. & Bitumen

1. Life Expectancy

When we talk about roads life expectancy, Paver Blocks and R.C.C roads are good enough in this section, around 20 years life-span of both Paver Blocks and R.C.C roads.

Whereas Bitumen roads life expectancy is less, around 5 to 10 years.

2. Initial Cost

In the section of initial cost; Paver, R.C.C., and Bitumen differ from each other.

R.C.C. road’s initial cost is very high and Paver block road’s initial cost is medium whereas Bitumen roads are low cost than the other two.

3. Construction Time

Paver Blocks’ construction time is medium as pavers are laid manually, after construction immediate use is possible.

Reinforced Cement Concrete construction time is very high as after construction, 15 to 20 days require for curing.

Bitumen roads construction time is low. After completing construction, its use is possible within 1 or 2 days.

4. Rainwater Drainage

In paver blocks Permeable pavers allow water to pass through to the base thereby reducing pooling or flooding in heavy rain that is the marvelous advantage of the paver blocks.

In the Reinforced Cement Concretes surface is impermeable and drainage must be achieved by proper surface camber and slope.

Whereas Bitumen (Asphalt) roads surface is impermeable and drainage must be achieved by proper surface camber and slope.

5. Safety

Paver block roads safety is good and skid resistance, it helps reduce braking distance.

R.C.C. safety is prone to slippage and skidding during rain and due to spills.

While Bitumen (Asphalt) roads also have good traction and skid resistance.

6. Surface Cracks

Paver block roads surface is not affected by rainwater or thermal heat of expansion. (Due to small unit size and mass)

The surface of R.C.C. is prone to cracks due to large thermal mass and due to poor base preparation.

While Bitumen roads surface is Heavy rains, extreme temperatures and wear and tear result in cracks and rutting leading to potholes.

7. Repairs

Repairing of paver block roads is easy, fast, and inexpensive as even a single paver block can be removed, and re-laid/ replaced.

The advantage is that repaired area is available for immediate use. 

Repair of R.C.C. is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive as the whole concrete slab may have to be replaced and recast.

Repair of Bitumen, Cracks, potholes can be repaired inexpensively and quickly by patchwork.

But the repaired area is often not durable due to poor work quality.

8. Reuse

Pavers Same blocks can remove and reinstate after repairs.

R.C.C. Cannot reuse but at the same time, it can crush recycling.

Same in the Bitumen, it cannot reuse but it can crush for recycling.

9. Quality

Paver blocks produce in large volumes to meet stringent specifications and Indian Standards for strength, water absorption, abrasion resistance, and dimensional tolerances. 

R.C.C. is cast at the site and hence dependent on the quality of concrete and compaction at the site.

Since bitumen roads are a supple driveway, their strength relies heavily on the subgrade, subbase, and base materials compress nicely and the correct material.

10. Environmental Issues

Paver blocks roads are totally environment friendly; it has no harmful effects on nature.

R.C.C. Concrete construction has no harmful effects on the environment.

Whereas the process of melting bitumen creates greenhouse gases that contribute to environmental pollution.

11. Color and Shapes

Paver blocks are available in distinct colors and shapes, making them immensely variable.

On the other hand, the R.C.C. and Bitumen roads have no distinct color or shape.

Advantages of Block Making machine and Concrete Block

The use block making machine is increasing in the past few years as the concrete blocks have many advantages like economic, have strong build quality and versatility.

Q Green Techon PVT LTD is one of the leading concrete block making machine provider in India. They constantly research on block making the machine to provide machines with the latest technology. The Q Green Concrete Block making machine is specially designed to ensure the best quality final product for performance and return on investment.

Here are the benefits of concrete blocks manufactured by concrete block making machine.


As the concrete blocks are used more and more these days in modern construction. They are available in a verity of colors, shapes and surface textures for both indoor and outdoor.

Performance Constructive

The concrete blocks are high performance constructive as they are bigger in size and have less joints which are most important.


These concrete blocks are uniform and with that, we can find the required material for it.

Reduce Costs

The concrete blocks are easy to use and increase speed and accuracy.


Concrete blocks made with Q Green Techon machine has a compressive strength of 10N/mm 2 which can be used in resistant walls.

Resistance to Fire

Concrete blocks are good fire resistance, up to 240 minutes. It is even maintaining its structural characteristic in the fire.

Assembly Quality

These concrete blocks should be fitted in assembly. Concrete blocks made with the machine has high quality and there is the number of types of a block made with it like lintels, kerbs, pavers, corner blocks, half blocks, assembly blocks etc.


The concrete blocks perform well in acoustic and also achieved the current regulations with simple implementation. There are also concrete blocks that provide up to 60 dB of acoustic insulation.

Thermal Insulation

Concrete stores heat for a longer time. the dense materials like concrete slowly cooled and heated. This is very important in energy consumption.


The outdoor concrete blocks have very low water absorption. There are also waterproof concrete blocks that are 0.22 g/m 2 . Along with that, the concrete blocks are breathable which are not freeze and cleaned easily.

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